The Way of the Prepper


Over the long weekend I was thinking about what exactly “to be a prepper” means.

Physically preppers come in all shapes, colours and sizes and it’s impossible to sum us all up in some sort of group stereotype. If it’s not on the outside then it must be what’s inside.

Below is my attempt to define what it means to be a prepper.

The Way of the Prepper

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So what do you think? What lies at the heart of every prepper that binds us all together?



  1. Good start to your blog! Asking questions is always helpful. Einstein was famous for asking questions 🙂
    So glad you’ve started you journey to preparedness and self reliance. You’ll find the preparedness community very helpful on your journey.

    Keep doing the stuff,

  2. Hi Todd,
    Thanks so much for the warm welcome!
    Your site was one I used heavily in getting started so your kind words mean a lot

  3. Very good !!
    Read, Listen, Learn, Practice, Teach …then Listen some more… then repeat…

    When you Learn, you can change your life … When you teach you can change the world …

    Well done Jake !!