Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Review

Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable backpacking saw it’s hard to beat the Bahco Laplander.  Weighing just over 6 ounces, folding down to 9 inches and costing under $21 on Amazon this is my saw of choice for almost all of my spring, summer and fall backpacking trips.

The reason I am such a fan of this tool is paired with a good survival knife it can provide all of your firewood needs for cooking or mild warmth.  When it comes to backpacking, hiking or any scenario where you’re trying to cover a lot of miles having a compact, light and efficient tool is essential.

The saw itself is assembled in Sweden complete with Swedish steel which is well known for its quality.  I’ve had mine for over 2 years now, brought it on countless trips and never once had an issue with it.  The teeth on the blade, though not quite as sharp as when they were brand new, still cut through wood with good speed and little effort.

Bahco Replacement Saw Blade For 396HPIn the rare instances where a blade does happen to break or the teeth have simply gotten dull after plenty of use they are completely replaceable for under $20 which means short of breaking the handle you’ll have a tool that will last as long as you do.

If you’re in the market for a high quality, lightweight and affordable folding saw I highly recommend the Bahco Laplander!

Length folded: 23 cm (9 inches)
Length unfolded: 40 cm (15.5 inches)
Blade length: 19 cm (7 inches)
Weight: 190 grams (6.67 ounce)
Steel: with black powder epoxy coating for rust prevention
NATO number: 5110-25-147-4344
Model number: 396-LAP
Origin: Sweden

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