Cold Steel Trail Hawk Review


Many of you that follow me know that my preferred axe is the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe.  However, many times on a backpacking trip, quick over-nighter or simple day hike I don’t want to carry all of that weight.

It’s during these times that the Cold Steel Trail Hawk becomes my go-to tool.  A favorite of mine because of it’s versatility, weight and price this tomahawk is a great addition to any bug out bag.

For starters the tomahawk typically costs between $20-25 on Amazon which is a downright bargain for what you’re getting.  With a couple simple and easy modifications (outlined in the video) you’re left with a very usable tool.

The Cold Steel Trail Hawk is made with 1055 carbon steel which means it will rust if not properly oiled and maintained.  However, this steel is easy to work with in the field and holds a good edge considering the price point.  The Trail Hawk also comes with a 22″ hickory handle which can easily be removed from the head in case of breakage or simply to make the tool more versatile.  One other thing to note is that it does not come with a sheath so you must either order one separately or make your own.

As mentioned this is a tool that is valuable because of it’s versatility.  It’s not a huge chopper or splitter but can do both.  It’s not a knife but can still do intricate carving and make feathersticks.  And lastly, as it was originally used for the tomahawk makes a great weapon in case of self-defence.

If you’ve got any questions about the Cold Steel Trail Hawk or anything else be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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