Cooking Kit


When spending a lot of time out in the woods one of the things you’ll quickly learn to appreciate is organization. It can quickly become pretty frustrating looking for misplaced items or having to search through your entire bag every time you need your spork.

For that reason I tend to divide my bag up into various kits filled with items that share a similar purpose. I have kits for repair and maintenance of my tools, for first aid, for basic survival and finally what we’ll cover today – for cooking.

Cooking is one of the most common things you’ll be doing in the woods. Having a well organized cook kit that has all your most-used items in one place is essential to me. I keep my cook kit in a Condor H20 pouch so whenever it is meal time I can just pull the it out and have access to everything I need. When finished I place all of the items back inside so it’s organized for my next meal. Included in my cook kit are the following items:

MSR Pocket Rocket
MSR IsoPro Fuel
Titanium Spork
Esbit 750ml Titanium Pot
Bic Mini Lighter
GSI Compact Scraper
Stainless Steel Canteen