Maintenance & Repair Kit


I tend to receive a lot of questions from subscribers about the various items and kits I carry in my bug out bag. In order to help answer those questions I’ll be giving a detailed look into everything I carry starting with my maintenance and repair kit.

It’s no secret that for bushcraft and bug out situations I’m a big fan of tools. Whether it’s an axe, knife, saw, multi-tool or others I believe it’s important to have good quality tools and know how to maintain them.

In addition to tools a wide variety of gear is also often needed to spend an extended period of time outdoors. Items such as sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tarps, gore-tex jackets, etc. are essential in keeping warm and comfortable.

So how do I ensure that all of these items stay in tip top shape? I carry a maintenance and repair kit with the following items:

The items in this list allow me to make multiple day trips into the woods without worrying about tool maintenance or gear failure. I can sharpen my tools, prevent them from rusting, repair torn clothing, patch a sleeping pad, re-seal a tarp and perform countless other tasks all in the middle of the bush with a kit that will fit into the cargo pocket of your pants.